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Do I have to signup new accounts at the PTC website that I'm already a member of?

No! You can check with each website, but as we understand it you can only have one membership account at or in any given PTC. If you're already a member with any given website supported in Click4Cash browser, then all you need to do is simply log in with your existing Username/Password details for that PTC.


I want to change some websites in my registered list and I don't know how to do that?

The websites can be changed in the registered list only if the manager module is activated for your account. The manager module is available for the upraded members with STARTER, SUPER and ULTRA membership.

The PTC websites are your business and is your responsibility to choose them wisely. But it’s hard to predict that a PTC website would be legit or scam or will be closed. If we receiving complaints from the users, the claimed PTC website will be removed from our program and could be replaced by any other.


Someday Click4Cash software processing is slow on (name of PTC) website. What I can do?

Click4Cash program processing the ads automatically and needs only minimal interaction. Don't need to stay in front of your computer all time. But is highly recommended to check the Message Log regularly and fix the problems noticed in this log( forced messages reading, problematic ads handling).

Some of the PTC websites displaying annoying ads that may hang the browser and the application and need manual interaction. Please send us the complete URL of ad that cause problems and we will include this in the auto-blocker list. Next run this ads will be blocked by Click4Cash software.


Why I am asked to enter login and password for each website every time I start the software.

For your own security we do not ask any username or password related to registered PTC websites.The login information is stored only in Internet Explorer browser cache.

If you check the following two checkmarks:

  • Remember username
  • Automatically log on

Your login information will be stored in cookies for long time, and next time you don’t need to log again. If this is not ok, check the IE browser setting to allow saving the cookies.>


I was using a website in Clic4Cash but now this website is gone. Why?

Click4Cash may remove a website from the supported list at any time. Usually it happens when a website stops its services or is turning to Scam. You can view the list of available websites here.


I updated the software as requested, and now it does not work.

We have more than 15000 customers using the Click4Cash software without problem. So if you are problem using it, probably this is not an Click4Cash program issue, first check your computer configuration settings. If the problem persists contact our technical support, and make sure that you have the following information:

  • The exact error message
  • A description of the problem and the steps required to reproduce it if you encounter
  • The version number of Click4Cash application
  • Your Windows and Internet Explorer version number


I am a member of (name of PTC), but do not see it listed... Why?

Chances are that it will be supported in the near future, because we are adding other PTCs to the Click4Cash browser all the time. If your PTC is not listed in the browser, please send us a request to add your PTC to Click4Cash browser.




Most preferred payment processor for upgrading membership?


Some of the PTC websites has capacity problems, causing issues in their operation!

We already noticed that some of the PTC websites has capacity problems, causing issues in their operation.

The time necessary for page loading was increased to 20-30 seconds, inacceptable for normal usability and browsing experience!

These errors are related to their service so there’s nothing we can do about it.

This is not a Click4Cash program issue, we need to wait until the slow PTC websites are fixed.