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Before first use, check the application requirements. .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows edition. (By default, Windows Vista and Windows 7 is already shipped with .NET Framework. You can also download it from the Microsoft website http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=31.


Step 1 Register an account on Click4Cash website

To sign-up click here.

For your own security it is recommended to create a new random password when registering, or at least use a password that you are *not* using in your PTC programs.


Step 2 Download it

Download it from here.


Step 3 Install it

Click on the downloaded file. For the installation directory use only DOS compatible folder names (like C:\c4c) .The utilities shipped with Click4Cash application don’t like the fancy folder names!


Step 4 First run

Start the program.

You are *NOT REGISTERED*. Click on the Set button.

Give the exact username and password from your account registered on the Click4Cash website.

Click on the Save button.

If everything is OK, now you are a *FREE* member.

For testing purposes you can add 1 PTC program. If you want to add more sites must to be an upgraded member.


Step 5 Add a PTC website to Click4Cash program

Click on the Add button.


Select a PTC website from the list. If you would like to promote the selected website and to receive direct referrals, in the textbox add the username with you are registered in the selected PTC.

Press Login button if you are registered to the selected website.

If you are not registered before, press Register button. Complete the registration and return to the Click4Cash program. Now you can add your username to receive referrals and press the Login button.

Login to PTC website. When logging is complete, press the Verify button.

If the checking was OK, the website is added to your Click4Cash PTC list.


Step 6  Autoclicking

Once you have added a site, you can start the clicking with START button.

You're done. The auto-clicker will start processing and will click all available Ads on the registered PTC websites.

You must check periodically the Message log. If you see an action link in the LINK column, you must click on it.


If you have unread messages, in order to continue you must read this messages. When completed, press Verify button.

If the checking was completed successfully, you can close this window. The Click4Cash program will continue with this website in processing.





It is not recommended to use the program on all the time. Best practice is to start 2-3 times a day for all available Ads will be sure clicked.



Don’t close the program if the auto-clickers is in processing Ads. Press the Stop button and wait until all auto-clickers became IDLE. Now you can close the program.



You may watch how are the Ads processed by the auto-clickers. You may watch, but don’t click any-thing in the auto-clickers window. It may disturb the normal process and crash the program.





more clickers,

more websites,

more earnings.


Happy surfing!




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New version 2.0.77. released on July 19, 2014:

- PTC website manager (available to upgraded members);

- compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8;

- compatible with Internet Explorer version 9, 10, 11;

- security fixes and bypassing anticheat system.

Fixed compatibility with the new Nextgen scripts version 5.50!