🔴 Midas Burn-out is a financial instrument that allows you to get lifetime profit from the growth of the Midas.investments platform.
🔥To activate Burn-out you need a one-time investment of 300 MIDAS. After enabling Burn-out you receive a part of every next Burn-out forever.The demand for this feature is backed up by regularly increasing amount of utilities, such as airdrops.
📋300 MIDAS of each new member is used in the system in this way:

✅ 45 MIDAS - Burns. Each new Burn-out activation reduces the issue of a MIDAS coin. The smaller the issue, the higher the coin price. This is required for the long-term growth of the MIDAS exchange rate, which is in the interest of every investor who activates Burn-out.

✅ 255 MIDAS - Distributed among all activated Burn-out coins. That allows all participants to earn from the growth of the platform. The higher the growth rates - the more earnings.

🔴At current growth rates, you will increase your investment by more than 150% per year. Profit arrives on your wallet instantly, after each new activation of Burn-out. You can withdraw or exchange your MIDAS earnings for Bitcoin at any time.
💰Also, all those who activate Burn-out receive additional income from the regular distribution of new airdrop coins on the platform. We accept for payment: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and MIDAS.
🔗Referral program:

Every user who follows this referral link and create a new account on the platform and who activates Burn-out, will receive 30 MIDAS bonus.

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